Selling a Unique Home

Jimmy Moody December 14, 2017

Selling a Unique HomeIs your home one-of-a-kind? Could you describe it as unique or even quirky? While you may love your distinctive home, it could be challenging when it comes time to sell. Many potential homebuyers are looking for properties that conform to traditional layouts and designs. Here’s what you should do if you’re planning to sell your unique home.

Pay attention to staging

When selling any home, staging is key for a quick sale. It is even more important when you’re selling a unique home. You need to help potential buyers envision how the space can be utilized. This is especially important if you have an unusual layout. Define the space and its uses with effective staging so buyers get a clear picture of themselves living there.

Know your buyers

Unusual homes aren’t for everyone. Most buyers are likely looking for a practical home that fulfills their everyday needs. They don’t necessarily want to live in the house that is the talk of the town. For this reason, you need to think about your potential buyers and create a strategy to target them. This includes advertising in specific places that cater to your target demographic. For example, if you’re selling a home that is reminiscent of living on a boat, you’ll want to place ads in local boating publications. You can also research websites that cater to your target audience and place links to your listing on them.

Generate excitement

If your home is truly unique, there’s really no way you can hide it. Don’t try to make it conform to the standards of a traditional home. Instead, play up its unique features and assets. Take quality photographs that emphasize what makes your house so amazing. You may even want to submit your home for inclusion on any one of the many television shows that highlight unique and unusual homes. By playing up what makes your home so special, you can create buzz that will get prospective buyers in the front door.

Hire an appraiser

Another important facet of selling a home is pricing it right. Usually, an agent will use comps in the area to get an idea of what homes like yours are currently selling for. This can be challenging if there are no other homes in the area quite like yours. It can be beneficial to hire an appraiser to help you determine what your listing price should be. This can also head off problems down the line should the home not appraise for the agreed upon sale price.

Work with the right agent

Hiring a professional real estate agent is beneficial when selling any home. It is even more crucial if your home is truly unique. Interview several agents to find the right one to represent your home in the marketplace. Not only should your agent be an expert in your local market, but he or she should also have experience in selling unique homes. The right agent will know the best places to market your home, how to price it correctly, and create an overall strategy to ensure that your home sells quickly at a price you will be happy about.

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